Knauf responds to 2015 Climate Change Progress Report

Knauf responds to 2015 Climate Change Progress Report

Reducing emissions and preparing for climate change: the Committee on Climate Change 2015 Progress Report to Parliament has now been launched, calling for urgent action to avoid increasing costs and impacts of climate change in the UK.

John Sinfield – Managing Director at Knauf Insulation Northern Europe, comments: “Energy efficiency boosts economic growth, and represents the best way to regenerate communities and meet carbon targets. This report rightly highlights the critical and fragile nature of our current energy efficiency policy framework, and the need for Government to act swiftly to ensure energy efficiency can be delivered throughout 2016 to keep UK emissions reductions on track.

“Changes in the last couple of years to the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and Green Deal have led to a slow down in insulation upgrades — which, in turn, is having a damaging effect upon the efforts to alleviate fuel poverty. Urgent action in creating transparency for ECO, and appropriately incentivising low cost insulation measures is paramount, not to mention creating a solid and reliable long-term plan for ECO — the sooner the better. The Committee on Climate Change’s report makes the recommendation for an extension or replacement policy for the energy efficiency of buildings by mid-2016. However, there is real danger that this may be too late, with the ECO unlikely to deliver many improvements to homes after Christmas 2015.

“A clear, long term vision for energy efficiency policy is needed to attract the right investment to meet climate and fuel poverty targets, and help families keep their homes warm, for less.”

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