Lakes increases stock availability to meet customer demand

Lakes increases stock availability to meet customer demand

Despite the ongoing supply chain challenges across the globe, Lakes Showering Spaces has announced it has “increased its level of stock availability in order to serve its customers and deliver best service”.

Given the importance of product availability in the current market, Lakes states it is continuing to support its customers by offering quick turnaround times and a wide choice of products in many sizes. Supply Chain Director Chris Thain said: “Increasing our stock will inevitably result in our customers spending less time sourcing, waiting for, and collecting products. During the last 12 months, our stock availability has been running at more than 99% on a consistent basis. The service levels we have provided have been at a frequently high level and we have been able to maintain delivery lead times despite the wider challenges in global supply chains.

“We are always looking for ways to save customers valuable time and we believe having high levels of product availability will help customers battle the ongoing supply chain issues many businesses have faced following the pandemic.”

Lakes says its comprehensive stock availability provides customers with the choice of holding their own stock, or relying on the ability of the company to deliver in a short lead time.

Mike Gahir, Lakes MD, added: “As a manufacturer, we are glad to share our strong industry position and continue to invest in areas that are important to our customers. They rely on our high levels of stock availability, and it provides them with confidence when they are making their buying decisions.”

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