Sovini Trade Supplies recruits local ex-servicemen

Sovini Trade Supplies recruits local ex-servicemen

Sovini Trade Supplies, part of the Sovini Group, recently recruited two local ex-servicemen at the trade store in Aintree, Merseyside — Peter Collins (55) and Tony Smith (57).

Both roles were initially voluntary, but after just four weeks it was obvious to Sovini Trade Supplies’ Director, Anita Harrison-Carrol, that they were indispensable members of staff.

Anita said: “Both Peter and Tony have a great work ethic; they’re reliable, organised and great to have around. We couldn’t be happier to have them on our team.”

Sovini Trade Supplies, part of the Sovini Group in Merseyside, is a ‘one stop shop’ for housing associations, house builders and repairs and maintenance firms in the North West. The business has been operating for almost 18 months and is unlike most businesses of its kind, with all elements of the business, from sourcing and purchasing, to supplying and serving, centred on the desire to do social good.

The Sovini Group has been working in partnership with the Expect Sefton Veterans Project for over 12 months now, helping to rehouse ex-service men and also supporting their initiatives to help local veterans to integrate into the communities.

Peter, who served from the age of 16, left the Royal logistics Core in 2000 after 22 years of service, said: “Just last year I was in a very sad place after being made redundant from my job as a school bursar. Having a job is what keeps me and most ex-servicemen going — giving us routine and helping us to reintegrate back into ‘the real world’. I’m extremely grateful to both Sefton Veterans Project and Sovini. I’m really enjoying working here.”

Tony, who left the First Battalion Irish Guards in 1980 after seven years of service, said: “Acclimatising back into civilisation after years of regimental life is unbelievably hard, so it’s important that veterans take advantage of any support available to them. I would have never heard about this job if it hadn’t have been for the Sefton Veterans project.”



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