Stakapal talks turnkey storage solutions

Stakapal talks turnkey storage solutions

Effective storage systems are essential for efficient operations. PBM speaks with Stakapal to discover more about its comprehensive proposition for the merchant sector.

Stakapal states that it has maintained a “unique position” in the UK’s storage industry for over 55 years as the only British manufacturer that produces Cantilever Racking, Pallet Racking and Shop Racking. In essence, the company argues that this means it can act as a ‘one-stop shop’ for all of a merchant organisation’s racking requirements, offering a full concept to completion service.

Technical Director Nick Betteley ‘cut his teeth’ in the builders’ merchant sector when he joined the family-run business from university in 1985. He explains: “Time is money for any merchant’s customers — they want to be in and out and back on site as quickly as possible, and this is where our many years of knowledge and expertise of the industry really comes into play.

“Whatever you are storing, we offer a solution that will specifically meet your needs, we consider the type of handling equipment you are using on site, as well as making you aware of the available options for hand loaded product lines.”

The process involves the firm’s Technical Engineers spending time with merchant customers on their sites to assess their stock-holding requirements and asking a series of key questions such as: What products you want to store (length, width and weight)? How high will your truck lift? What’s the available headroom and how much weight will your truck lift?

Storage options

A builders’ and / or timber merchant warehouse or yard will generally include Cantilever Racking as this is the most commonly utilised system for long product loads. Consisting of vertical self-supporting columns manufactured from fabricated steel for strength and safety, the system utilises horizontal arms that can be easily adjusted for ease of access and to suit changing stock profiles.

Stakapal’s tapered arms are designed to make loading much easier, and are available in a wide range of lengths from 600mm up to 1220mm with a load capacity of 500kgs up to 2,000kgs as standard.

Its range is available for both internal and external applications in either a single- or double-sided configuration, offering 100% selectivity and enabling merchants to fully maximise the available area.

PBM speaks with Stakapal to discover more about its comprehensive range of storage systems for the merchant sector.

The supplier’s SR2000 Series Adjustable Pallet Racking “offers a variety of storage solutions for practically any type of palletised products you may wish to store”. Designed for strength and durability as well as ease of assembly, the comprehensive range of rack frames and beams is said to ensure there is a solution for any storage challenge.

From landscaping products, bricks and aggregates to fencing, bagged cements and sheet materials, the system is “totally flexible” and can be designed to meet precise or bespoke criteria without sacrificing cost effectiveness.

Available in a single-sided or double-sided configuration, Pallet Racking bays have many differing beam levels dependent upon the height of the pallet. Bays are formed by connecting a number of frames together with two or more pairs of beams per bay, creating multiple storage levels. The company offers three differing post types which enable it to offer an extensive range of racking frame load capabilities, with bay widths to accommodate practically any pallet or product that needs to be stored.

Where there is a requirement for hand loaded storage and selection of products in designated pedestrian areas away from mechanical handling equipment, the company offers the following options: When storing long lengths of, for example, timber and PVCu profiles, merchants have the choice of storing products vertically with A-Frame/Vertical Storage Racks or horizontally with Pigeon Hole Racking systems.

For those with a requirement for storing fixtures and fittings, industrial small parts and small boxed items for hand selection, for instance, its Widespan/Longspan Shelving Racking is claimed to offer “the perfect storage solution”.

Finally, the firm’s SR500 Series range of shop racking is designed to benefit any trade environment, with fully integrated systems providing the flexibility to accommodate a variety of display opportunities to suit ever-changing stockholding profiles.

Nick commented: “We offer a full turnkey solution for the merchants’ sector, and guide and advise you through the complete process from initial site survey through to design, manufacture and installation by our own in-house installation teams.

“We are Full Members of SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association), a leading voice on safe storage within the industry. Our products are independently tested which guarantees they have been designed, manufactured, and installed to meet their rigorously defined standards.”

He concluded: “Our in-house installers working on your site are registered and put through SEIRS (Storage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme). Following the installation of our racking, our own in-house SARIs (SEMA Approved Rack Inspector) offer a full inspection service, ensuring your racking is maintained in peak condition, improving the overall longevity of your systems.”

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PBM speaks with Stakapal to discover more about its comprehensive range of storage systems for the merchant sector.

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