Stanley John witnessing increased sales with Gatic’s Filcoten range

Stanley John witnessing increased sales with Gatic’s Filcoten range

Stanley John Ltd (SJL), based in Greenham, is one of the largest merchant stockists of Filcoten, the channel drainage system from Gatic Civil Drainage. SJL added Filcoten Self, Filcoten Tec and Filcoten Pro to its range 12 months ago and is experiencing good sales.

SJL has been established for 20 years, supplying a wide range of civil and domestic drainage products. Managing Director, Stanley John, commented: “We’re really pleased with Filcoten. It’s a good, ‘clean finished’ product manufactured to a very high standard. The wider choice to suit different types and sizes of projects is also a great advantage over competing products.

“We stock three ranges of the Filcoten system,” continued Stanley. “The Self range is popular for projects with a lighter load class such as domestic landscaping. The Tec range is our bestseller and ideal for mid-sized projects, and Pro with its heavy duty D400 grating is proving very successful for larger commercial projects. Filcoten Pro means we don’t have to stock different types of gratings as the D400 is suitable for most specifications. We’ve had positive feedback from our contractor customers and sales of Filcoten are making a difference to our overall sales of line drainage.”

Filcoten is available in five ranges to suit all types of projects. These include: Pro, Tec, Self, Pave and Green, with load classes from A15 for pedestrian schemes to F900 for airports where a robust system is essential.

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