Waterwise efficiency award for Graf UK’s rainwater package

Waterwise efficiency award for Graf UK’s rainwater package

Waterwise has launched the dedicated product awards in 2017 to complement its biannual, industry-renowned UK Water Efficiency Awards. At the inaugural ceremony, Graf UK picked up a gong in the water storage category for its enhanced Platin rainwater harvesting system, which features the in-built Minimax Pro self-cleaning filter.

The Water Efficiency Product Awards recognise products or technologies that contribute to water efficiency and benefit the economy, society and environment. They span eight categories, which include plumbing, garden and water storage, and will alternate with the Water Efficiency awards year on year.

Matthew Rolph, Managing Director at Graf UK, says: “We’re very proud that we can now call our Platin and Minimax Pro rainwater harvesting system award-winning — especially when the award in question is from such a well-respected organisation as Waterwise. We knew Waterwise was looking for products that could really demonstrate positive water, energy and money savings for UK homes. That’s exactly what we developed the Platin package to do — it cuts bills, lessens the burden on the mains water supply, and lowers homes’ environmental impact.”

The Platin / Minimax Pro system is a complete rainwater harvesting and filter package that provides a sustainable and reliable non-potable water supply for domestic uses, such as flushing toilets, washing clothes and watering gardens. As well as allowing consumers to use up to 50% less mains water in the home, according to the manufacturer, it also helps protect against flooding by diverting water away from the property’s drains.

Matthew continues: “As experts in water management, at Graf we are passionate about improving water efficiency in the UK. We believe that this enhanced package is testament to this commitment. Not only does it provide a long-lasting water-saving solution, but it is deliberately easy to fit and look after — making it more accessible to homes across the country and encouraging people to make a positive change to their water use. On behalf of the whole company, I’d like to thank Waterwise for this sought-after recognition: it is a true accolade, and we feel honoured to have won.”

Manufactured in Germany, Graf UK’s Platin rainwater tank boasts a unique, flat shape and lightweight design, meaning it can be buried at significantly shallower depths than traditional cylindrical cisterns. This is said to allow for up to 80% less digging, minimising labour and therefore reducing installation costs.

The Minimax Pro filter is designed to work in partnership with the Platin, delivering optimum water savings, ease of installation and minimal maintenance. The patented internal filter works by sieving debris (e.g. dirt and leaves) out of the incoming rainwater flow, using a self-cleaning stainless steel mesh insert. The system feeds filtered rainwater through to the Platin tank for storage and re-use, while any debris collected by the Minimax Pro filter flows into the property’s drain.

For more information, visit: www.grafuk.co.uk

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