WCoBM dedicates funding support to BMF courses

WCoBM dedicates funding support to BMF courses

The Worshipful Company of Builders’ Merchants (WCoBM) has confirmed bursaries for three courses available via the Builders Merchants Federation (BMF). The courses, which are detailed in the BMF’s Training Prospectus, include Essential Sales Management, Diploma in Merchant Management and Foundation Degree in Merchant Management.

Each bursary, worth up to £2,000 per person, will cover a third of the course fees for the Foundation Degree and over half of the cost for the other two courses, payable on successful completion. The funding is subject to applicants meeting certain criteria and is prioritised to businesses or individuals that need financial support for learning and development. Applications will therefore be assessed in accordance to need.

Fulfilling one of WCoBM’s key objectives of supporting training and education through its charitable fund, the bursary is open to apprentices, employees working with a stockist or manufacturer of building materials’, those looking to switch careers from other industries, and students coming out of full-time education.

Brian Blanchard, Chairman of the WCoBM Training & Education Committee, said: “We are extremely pleased to be able to provide this funding support for BMF courses and for our industry. Our new bursary programme gives individuals and businesses the opportunity to train and develop skills across diverse roles in the building materials sector.

“While the pandemic has affected many businesses this year, it also created a defining moment for construction,” continued Brian. “During the first lockdown in April and again during Lockdown 2.0, the Government paid tribute to our sector and recognised its value to the UK’s economy. We hope this ‘shout-out’ for construction inspires those already working in our industry and encourages more people to consider a career in merchanting. Our market is an attractive proposition for school-leavers, apprentices and graduates who are entering employment for the first time.”

The Master of WCoBM Stewart Pierce added: “There’s a wealth of job opportunities in the builders’ merchant industry, with the chance to train, learn new skills and advance your career. It’s therefore vital we work hard to attract and keep great talent, so we continue to thrive. Working with a stockist or supplier of building materials offers lots of exciting roles from frontline counter staff to marketing, technical, sales, finance and more.”

Liveryman and BMF CEO John Newcomb concluded: “We welcome the opportunity to partner with WCoBM and to benefit from the organisation’s funding support. Training is an important part of our member services and these courses provide excellent learning for those looking to further their careers in merchanting.”

For more details on WCoBM’s bursary, the BMF courses currently open for funding support, or to download the bursary application form visit www.wcobm.co.uk/about/build-your-career. Bursary applications will also be considered for training courses outside the BMF prospectus, dedicated to learning and development in merchanting.

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