In Profile: Werner celebrates its centenary

In Profile: Werner celebrates its centenary

Werner, a WernerCo brand, is celebrating “100 years of innovation, quality and safety” in 2022 as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ladders and access equipment.

Since Werner was founded in 1922, it has grown into a global brand with distribution in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Werner’s extensive portfolio includes ladders, access towers, work platforms, accessories and fall protection equipment including harnesses, anchors and fall protection kits. With what it describes as an ongoing commitment to product innovation, the company holds over 600 patents and has received notable industry-leading awards and accolades over the years.

Justin White, Managing Director of WernerCo UK, said: “The Werner name has achieved many milestones over the past 100 years. As a brand, our main focus has always been innovation, and pushing change within the industry by improving work at height safety through both our exceptionally safe products and internal and external training initiatives; with the end goal of helping the end-user to achieve more, and work safely.

“It is through the dedication and determination of our employees – past and present – that we have been able to build our legacy and provide customers with products and solutions they need to accomplish jobs both on and off worksites, and most importantly, work safely. We are excited to celebrate this significant event throughout the year. And as the Werner brand looks towards the next 100 years, we will continue to provide high-performance, innovative products that customers can depend on.”

This summer, WernerCo has unveiled its latest Ladder Safety Campaign, which will promote best practices when working at height. As part of the campaign, Werner has created a series of guides covering topics such as how to use equipment safely, as well as offering practical training courses. The campaign includes a coordinated online and onsite approach with Werner offering training to professionals and customers for the use of ladders and towers, covering  do’s and don’ts for ladder users and how to inspect ladders correctly.

Justin added: “With an ongoing drive to innovate, provide products that ensure the safety and performance for users, and lead the growing trend in safety awareness by educating end users about ladders and promoting ladder safety; we will continue to concentrate on performance, progress and safety as we head toward the future.”

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Innovative Milestones Over the Past 100 Years

Founded by R.D Werner, the brand began as a carpet and flooring supply company, including metal floor and wall mouldings. Since its inception, Werner’s state-of-the-art products have focused on the needs of end-users by exceeding expectations.

Key highlights include:

In 1939, anticipating metal shortages as World War II began, Werner became one of the first companies to extrude plastic and, throughout the war, served as a prime contractor for the US Navy manufacturing plastic inhibitor strips for rockets.

During the 1950s and ‘60s, Werner unveiled innovations such as ladders that didn’t require assembly for homeowners, and Alflo twist-proof rung joints designed to offer a stronger rung-to-rail connection for greater stability. In addition, Werner pioneered the field of fibreglass ladders to the climbing industry.

Over the next several decades, Werner made several key acquisitions, building the company’s product portfolio and extending its market reach. In 2006, the company launched the MT series of multi-position ladders featuring an adjustable telescopic design.

Key partnerships and initiatives

Werner has extended its commitment to safety, performance and advancement beyond product development and into the community through numerous sponsorships and initiatives. The brand has become a recent gold sponsor of the first charity to offer advice and support to those working at height, the No Falls Foundation, in a pledge to encourage safety and risk awareness among users.

In addition, the brand has developed close relationships with industry bodies, such as the Ladder Association, and supports initiatives, which are dedicated to promoting the safe use of ladders and access equipment through education, training and resources.

In a pledge to invest in its people both within and outside of the brand, Werner has also invested in a range of graduate and apprentice training programmes, and also offers on-site and virtual industry training to thousands of professionals each year through internal training initiatives, in a commitment improving safety awareness across the industry.

Werner, a WernerCo brand, is celebrating “100 years of innovation, quality and safety” in 2022 as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ladders and access equipment.

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