The growing trend of cordless power tools

The growing trend of cordless power tools

Ralph Whitehead, Operations Manager at Fixing & Powertool Center, explores the growing trend of cordless power tools whilst also providing the background to its positive partnership with NYEs Building Supplies and how working with NBG has adapted its ways of working.

The national, online and in-store supplier of power tools and fixings first started business in 1989. Now just over 30 years later, Fixing & Powertool Center has an ever-growing product range which includes almost 30,000 items from over 400 suppliers. The company has recently updated its website and now functions as an e-commerce site, enabling more people from across the country to easily purchase its vast product ranges.

Ralph has been with Fixing & Powertool Center since 1993 and has seen the business grow and change dramatically over the past 27 years. He said: “In 2002, following the owner sadly passing, five of us bought into the company as Directors and Shareholders. Then in 2017 the business saw more change as NYEs bought out the company — they were the ones who took us under their wing, introduced us to NBG and we have worked with them ever since.

“Working with NBG has introduced a new way of working for us and we have had to adjust our methods. We now work with larger rebates, which we hadn’t done before working with NBG and NYEs.”

“As battery technology is improving significantly year on year we expect to see a huge growth in the cordless power tool industry.”

Research from the European Power Tool Association in 2018 — released by Power Tools Market — states that cordless products accounted for 50% of the power tool market, making it the fastest-growing commercial sector in Europe. The study also highlights the customer’s attraction toward cordless tools which is in turn influencing manufactures to create innovative cordless products in the power tool industry.

Fixings & Powertool Center predicts the trend will grow in 2020. Ralph commented: “This will be a huge year for cordless tools, bigger than anything we have seen before. As battery technology is improving significantly year on year we expect to see a huge growth in the cordless power tool industry.

“Makita, Bosch and Milwaukee — who we supply — all have new cordless products due to come out in the first quarter of this year. Now we have Milwaukee on board as a new supplier, NBG partners will be able to get the latest product ranges from them through great deals.”

Since working with NYEs, Fixing & Powertool Center has revamped the trade counter with more available staff to enhance the customer support purchase experience. Recognising the customer demand for e-commerce, the company has also invested in improving its website and has also recently rolled out company social channels.

NBG News

  • NBG Partners and Suppliers are set for a big year ahead as we launch our new Product Information Management (PIM) system. The new user-friendly system will provide an efficient and effective way of managing data and will be rolled out across NBG this year.
  • Arnold Laver, part of the National Timber Group, joins the NBG partnership this month.

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