Yale offers smart security options

Yale offers smart security options

The growth in smart security solutions looks likely to present a number of sales opportunities for the merchant sector. PBM reports on the package offered to the market by Yale.

Smart devices are becoming a common aspect of everyday life. From voice assistant hardware such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home to WiFi-enabled TVs and white goods, there can be little doubt that smart technology is only going to increase in popularity.

Indeed, recent research carried out by insurer Policy Expert has suggested that nearly 1.5million householders plan to have their homes fully controlled by smart devices within the next five years. In addition to this, a further third are looking to have smart technology part-controlling their homes by 2023.

When you consider that the average household already owns three smart devices, it is easy to see the commercial potential within this sector.

A key growth area is smart security. In fact, a survey from research specialist GfK Global recently found that after entertainment, security and control is the most appealing product or solution for householders.

Tried and trusted

However, the marriage of home security and wireless technology can make consumers nervous; 23% of respondents in the GfK Global survey cited personal privacy concerns as the main reason for not investing further in smart technology.

As such, Yale argues that a smart device which is designed and built by a recognised security brand is more likely to be trusted by customers. The company’s family of smart security products is said to provide the user with a range of easily integrated, user-friendly and robustly built devices from which to choose with the “inherent trust” of being manufactured by one of the UK’s leading domestic security brands.

For example, as a replacement for the traditional front or back door lock, the Yale Conexis L1 Smart Lock allows users to share access to their home with friends and family, from anywhere in the world. Users can also keep track of who comes and goes via the app, giving extra peace of mind on to go.

It is also reported to be the first ever smart lock to be British Kitemark approved, offering reassurance that the mechanical and electronic elements of the lock are built to the meet the world-renowned standards provided by the British Standards Institution.

At the heart of every home security system is, of course, the alarm. The Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm offers traditional security measures such as a siren and motion detectors, alongside smart technology, including smartphone activation and Amazon Alexa integration.

In recent years, home security cameras have gone from being unattainably expensive to extremely popular. However, Yale argues that this fall in price has led to products of questionable quality flooding the marketplace.

The firm contends that its own indoor and outdoor cameras are built to “exacting standards” and suffer no such shortcomings. For internal use, the Homeview cameras are described as being “beautifully designed, discreet and perfect for remotely checking what’s happening at home”. The PTZ model even lets users zoom in and rotate the camera via the app — giving complete control over the live stream footage.

The Yale smart outdoor range provides the same remote viewing capability in a robustly built unit that also acts as a visual deterrent to would-be burglars. It also features enhanced night vision and an IP55 weatherproof rating to ensure “exceptional picture quality” whatever the conditions.

Smart control

Having a home full of the latest smart technology is only convenient if the devices integrate seamlessly. That means installation that is straightforward, and accessibility controlled in-app. Moreover, no cross-platform compatibility issues and more importantly, no monthly subscription fees.

Yale is a brand built on customer’s trust and strong relationships with stockists. As such, the business ensures that the benefits of its smart products are communicated simply through strong trade and consumer campaigns for retailers to benefit from.

Product awareness campaigns run to cover key sales periods, as well as to address customer concerns, such as ‘keeping security simple’, ‘travel reassurance’, and staying safe as the nights get darker. Towards the end of the month, Yale will be joining a host of major brands in sponsorship of Smart Home Week 2019 — an initiative showcasing the best in smart home technology.

Taking place between 20th-26th May, Smart Home Week will use live events and social media broadcasts to spread the benefits of smart home technology. Crucially, the programme of events will assist those in the domestic security sector to learn how to capitalise on the growing industry.

Nigel Fisher, Managing Director of Yale Retail, commented: “It’s great to be part of such an industry-leading campaign once again. Of course, being supporters alongside Samsung SmartThings, Google, Amazon, Swinton Insurance, Ring, Tado and Philips Hue is a real positive, too.

“With our position as the leading smart security brand, there is obvious synergy between Yale and Smart Home Week. In supporting the campaign, we’re helping to build public understanding for smart tech alongside other like-minded companies.”

Further information about Smart Home Week can be found at www.smarthomeweek.co.uk

For more information on Yale’s full range of smart security products, visit www.yale.co.uk

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