CircofloPro launches underfloor heating system

CircofloPro launches underfloor heating system

PBM was invited to a recent event held by CircofloPro to find out more about its Underfloor Heating System and how it hopes to get merchants on board and inform them about how simple the product is.

Still in its infancy, CircofloPro aims to make the purchase and installation of Underfloor Heating (UFH) a simpler task and one that is more attractive than traditional forms of heating such as radiators.

A concept that the company claims has always been ‘shrouded in mystery’, UFH has lagged behind the more traditional forms because some believe it cannot be as easily specified, bought and used.

This is something that CircofloPro hopes to move away from and claims it has simplicity at the heart of its system by allowing installers to build a tailored UFH kit.

With only six products to choose from, the entire range uses only 12mm pipe at 133mm centres for use with smaller, discreet 2, 3 or 4 port manifolds running off a central pump or mixing valve. This avoids having an excessive amount of pipework and removes complication of installation making it a much simpler way of installing UFH, whilst it also facilitates a solution for all floor types.

Take control

The company also manufacturers its own controllable thermostat which is placed into each room being heated and allows users to control the underfloor heating temperature and setting it for specific days and specific times.

Keeping with the theme, CircofloPro pointed out that its control was simple and hard wired — but that its system was also compatible with other controls as, for them, ‘it is more about the UFH rather than coming up with hi-tech controls’. This, it was said, also offers its customers more freedom when it comes to selecting the right control for them as well as allowing installers the opportunity to choose an option they may be more familiar with.

Merchant minded

As mentioned previously, the company — a new division of Timoleon — is still in its infancy but it is keen to get on board with independent merchants up and down the country. Offering a range of useful tools to the merchant sector, CircofloPro says that it aims to deliver great deals to merchants and allow them to provide their customers with exclusive discounts.

Not only this, but there is also a useful ‘online kit builder’ which enables merchants to produce quotes for their customers. This will speed up the buying process and allow stockists to present their customers with a concise quote for the products they need for the specific job they are completing.

While the website currently offers its customers the option to buy direct from the company, this will change once merchants begin to get on board. Targeting independent merchants initially, particularly those who are part of a buying group, CircofloPro hopes to build vital relationships with the industry and offer them a simpler form of UFH.

It hopes that within the next two years it will become merchant-only and has said that new literature is coming soon to provide those merchants with all the information they need about the product.

Brendan Hourican, National Sales and Marketing Manager for CircofloPro, explains: “Merchants are our ultimate goal, as soon as they are on board the direct buying option on the website will disappear. People will be able to send orders to merchants by local postcode search and then the merchant will be able to send a quote.”

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