BBS Plumbing and Heating place future with Blue Rock Systems

BBS Plumbing and Heating place future with Blue Rock Systems

Blue Rock Systems has announced BBS Plumbing and Heating Supplies Ltd’s 60-user order for Intact iQ.

Bristol based PHG Member BBS was originally founded in 1933 as a general building & agricultural merchant. Over the years and after heavy investment, the business model has been moulded, and the company expanded to become one of the leading plumbing and heating suppliers in the South West of England.

Now boasting five branches, the expansion of the business had put pressure on the current aging software setup, and so the requirement for a modern and flexible system became apparent. This led the firm to engage with Blue Rock Systems to consider the Intact iQ system.

Intact iQ from Blue Rock Systems provides a dedicated trade counter merchant focused software system covering all aspects required for businesses in this sector.

Intact iQ allows BBS to control its own workflow alerting to clients and staff alike, along with the ability to design their own screens and many other functions they simply could not handle in their current system. All together this means that BBS will now be able to provide increased levels of customer service and drive efficiency and productivity from within the business to ultimately help the bottom line.

Commenting on placing their order with Blue Rock, Lee Hooper, Managing Director of BBS Plumbing and Heating Supplies commented: “We had been aware of Blue Rock Systems and Intact iQ through the industry for many years before we actually met them initially in 2019. From that first meeting we were thoroughly impressed with Intact iQ system and could see how it would modernise our business.”

“That said, our decision to move forward was delayed on a several occasions due to our continued expansion. However, we are now pleased to finally be placing our order with Blue Rock Systems to move onto the Intact iQ system.

“We have grown to the point where everything we do currently is very manually intensive and is really very inefficient. We have seen how the Intact iQ system will help us become more productive across all our departments. The availability of data and the proactive nature of this alerting us is going to revolutionise how we run the business. We expect to make big gains quite quickly in how we will be able to run moving forward.

“We are all looking forward to working with the experienced team at Blue Rock to get the Intact iQ system installed.”

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