Bristan shows support for World Water Day

Bristan shows support for World Water Day

In conjunction with World Water Day, Bristan has been urging installers to talk to customers about the vital importance of saving water.

Since its establishment in 1993, World Water Day has been marked globally on the 22nd March each year. The day was created by the United Nations in order to raise awareness of the world’s water crisis, and for 2017, is focussing on the reduction of wastewater.

Whilst the theme is centred primarily upon treating and reusing wastewater, reducing the production of contaminated water – for example, by using less water when washing – is still a core part of responsible water usage. With this in mind, Bristan is reminding the industry of the value of talking to customers about water saving products.

Hayley Holland, Marketing Manager for trade at Bristan, comments: “There are many sources of wastewater, from agricultural to industrial run-off. However, we also all produce wastewater every day in a domestic capacity, whether that’s washing hands, showering, or doing the washing-up. By helping customers to choose water saving products, installers can make a big impact on the amount of domestic wastewater produced, and in turn, help conserve supplies of clean water.

“At Bristan, we are dedicated to offering the greatest level of choice possible, and that includes numerous products which combine water efficiency with cutting-edge style. Whether its taps or showers, we will have a suitable option which features integrated eco-technology to help homeowners reduce water waste in the home.”

Hayley adds: “Although some customers may be concerned that water-saving products will negatively impact their washing experience, many of our water-saving options have been specifically designed to save water without having a noticeable impact on the user’s experience. World Water Day is a great reminder that we as an industry have a responsibility to highlight the significance of saving water, and the raft of innovative products available to achieve this.”

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