British Gypsum joins the Get It Right Initiative

British Gypsum joins the Get It Right Initiative

British Gypsum has announced it has joined the Get It Right Initiative (GIRI) in a move that reaffirms the company’s commitment to helping raise standards across the construction industry.

British Gypsum has long been a supporter of raising performance across the sector, firmly believing in sharing advice and tips regarding best practice to eliminate errors on site. The company is also an ardent proponent of the benefits of training and through its renowned site manager training courses is helping to lead the industry towards a more productive tomorrow.

Formed in 2017, GIRI is an initiative looking to generate change across the construction industry by reducing the amount of costly mistakes and errors that happen on a day-to-day basis. Broadly speaking, errors continue to cost global economies significantly, with annual costs due to avoidable error estimated between £10-25 billion. Working with its members, GIRI helps to identify construction activities that generate the most losses through error, and develop tailored strategies for error reduction as well as to address the cultural change required to implement these strategies.

Speaking on the announcement, David Hall, National Technical Academy Manager at British Gypsum commented: “We’re pleased to be part of GIRI and look forward to working with the initiative, with the aim of reducing the cost of mistakes within the construction industry, with courses that deliver training to members that will make a difference. We’re looking forward to setting up bespoke courses that make a difference in reducing costs on site. We represent only one part of the construction process, and as such it’s essential all members come together with a focused objective to change the culture in our industry for the better.”

The construction sector remains one of the few industries that believes snagging to be a necessary requirement. Error is currently a culturally accepted part of the build process but the GIRI’s new multidisciplinary approach will look to find solutions by bringing cross sector representation to the table.

Together, GIRI and British Gypsum, along with member organisations, will work to identify areas for synergy across the sector to reduce errors. As a company that already delivers site manager courses around best practice, British Gypsum will work with GIRI to identify issues with workmanship in building its systems whilst on site. Additionally, working with GIRI, the company will offer bespoke training designed to address these issues and to help further raise standards and get tradespeople qualified in an effort to address the nation’s skills gap.

As a member of the initiative, British Gypsum will also offer its expertise when it comes to industry guidance, regular articles and reports on best practice. The company will also welcome the opportunity to share knowledge in the GIRI ‘Chatham House Rules’ context through its member only forums and conferences.

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