Dunlop to re-launching its powdered tile adhesive range

Dunlop to re-launching its powdered tile adhesive range

Dunlop is re-launching its powdered tile adhesive range to make life easier for merchants and their customers. PBM reveals more.

The re-launch of Dunlop’s powdered tile adhesive portfolio is described by Head of Sales Debi Boulton as the firm’s “most ambitious project” since the ‘Back in Black’ re-brand of the full Dunlop Tile Adhesive range back in 2012.

Debi explained: “It has all been done to help merchants better sell our products as part of a ‘system sell’ approach for customers completing tiling projects. This means easier stock profile management, easier product search, and easier project advice — ensuring that customers have the right products for their projects.”

As part of the re-launch, a number of slow-moving lines will be deleted, with the most popular products being re-named for easy identification and some current essential products benefiting from further formulation improvements.

The packaging and product names are also changing for the range. Products have been renamed using alpha-numeric coding, whilst retaining the longer product name descriptions and colour tones to ensure the products can be easily identified during the transition.

The product codes help identify whether the product is non-flexible cement-based (CX), flexible cement-based (CF), or cement-based large format (CLF). The number equates to the setting time of the product; so 24 = 24 hours, 3 = three hours.

For example, CX-24 Essential Tile Adhesive is the new name for Floor and Wall Tile Adhesive; Flexible Rapidset Floor and Wall Tile Adhesive becomes CF-03 Flexible Fast Set Tile Adhesive, and the Large Format and Natural Stone Adhesive will now be known as CLF-03 Flexible Large Format and Natural Stone Adhesive.

This will make it easier for merchants to search and select the products using their ordering system and provides a summary of product characteristics at a glance.

New innovations

As part of the programme, Dunlop will also launch two new ‘S1’ tile adhesives, as an easy-to-use problem solver on more difficult substrates. The new products are the CS1-12 S1 Ultra Flexible Tile Adhesive and CS1-03 S1 Ultra Flexible Fast Set Tile Adhesive — S1 deformable tile adhesives that set in 12 and 3 hours respectively. Being S1 deformable means the product can used on projects where a little more “give” is required, for example:

  • Heated floors — heated screeds or undertile floor heating such as electric heating mats;
  • Floor subjected to limited movement of deflection (i.e. suspended floors);
  • External wall and floor tiling;
  • Areas where vibration from machinery is likely to impact upon wall tiling.

POS and marketing

Dunlop’s new powders launch campaign is designed to support the key message that the range review has ensured that the “most-wanted” products have been kept on, ensuring that brand-loyal customers understand they will not have to compromise on their preferred products.

A full launch support is being made available for all branches and includes (COVID-19 restrictions permitting) on-site training for all staff, trade days and tile days, printed literature and Point of Sale items. This will be supported by a full communications plan including social media campaigns, competitions and promotions along the “Most Wanted” theme.

In conjunction with new product launches, Dunlop is also providing a digital marketing pack that includes a number of tools to support merchants including explainer videos, website product information, pack shots, data sheet, website banner adverts, articles and “how-to” guides and draft social media posts.

Debi concluded: “To support merchants, we have put together a whole host of marketing support for you and your branches to help you and your customers better understand the changes being made.”

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