Flex-R reports sales increase

Flex-R reports sales increase

Flex-R has reportedly seen a 30% increase in sales through merchants of its single-ply EPDM ClassicBond, and the company is putting the growth down to a shift away from using traditional hot-applied flat roofing systems.

The company, which is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of EPDM materials, has seen strong growth over the last 12 months as use of cold-applied systems continues to gather pace.

Flex-R’s National Sales Manager Danny Cole is delighted with the sales performance of ClassicBond, a professional-grade EPDM membrane that is available in 1.2mm and premium 1.5mm thicknesses and is used for new single-ply roof construction and re-roofing applications.

Danny claimed: “As a business, we have long recognised the benefits of EPDM for flat roofing application, and the growth in the sales of ClassicBond through the merchants we supply is showing that momentum is on the up for using cold-applied systems.

“For a long time, torch-on roofing systems were seen as the default for use on many new builds and renovation projects with flat roofs for roofers, contractors and builders, but the tide is turning for two key reasons.

“The first is that EPDM has often been regarded as the new kid on the block, but it really has come of age in terms of the performance of the system. We’re seeing more and more examples of projects where EPDM was installed 20–30 years ago and is still as good today as it was on day one.

“The other thing is that torch-applied systems are becoming more problematic on site for contractors, especially in areas where the public are in close proximity — such as schools, shopping centres and offices — and health and safety considerations are huge factors.”

Danny praised the role of merchants for their part in the change towards cold-applied systems.

“It’s understandable that merchants want to keep their customers happy by supplying what they ask for – and for years it’s been traditional torch-on,” he said. “But merchants and staff in branches have been very receptive and taken on board the benefits of EPDM, and this has been a key part in the growth of products such as ClassicBond.”

ClassicBond is easy to install and doesn’t require any special tools or installation equipment, making it perfect for refurbishments and new-build projects because it is a maintenance-free waterproof membrane that doesn’t crack, split or rot. ClassicBond comes in single sheets, which means no joints and therefore no leaks. It is UV stable, does not support moss or algae growth and is safe to install – the system is laid with cold-applied adhesives.

Accessories include:

  • ClassicBond Deck Adhesive
  • ClassicBond EPDM Primer
  • 228mm Pressure-Sensitive Elastoform Tape
  • Pressure-Sensitive Pipe Seals
  • ClassicBond Lap Sealant
  • ClassicBond Water Cut-Off Mastic
  • ClassicBond Plastisol Steel Edge Trim & Termination Bars
  • ClassicBond Roof Outlets


Danny summed by up saying: “ClassicBond will continue to gather momentum in the roofing market because it ticks so many boxes for flat roofing works that torch applied systems can’t any more, and it won’t be too long before it’s the first thing that roofers, contractors and builders ask their merchants for.”

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