Gibbs & Dandy garden makeover

Gibbs & Dandy garden makeover

Gibbs & Dandy Leicester has joined forces with customers and suppliers to deliver a garden makeover for a six-year-old girl suffering from a life threatening illness.

The Leicester branch stepped in to help after hearing about Kyla, a six year old girl diagnosed with a stage 4 neuroblastoma — a very aggressive form of cancer — whose dream of a garden sanctuary to help aid her recovery had begun to fall apart.

The dream garden had been ruined by the tradesman originally hired to carry out the job, causing Kyla’s mum Liza to phone the Gibbs & Dandy Leicester branch to enquire about cheap slabs to put the decking disaster right.

On hearing Liza’s story, Kelle Maynard, Business Development Executive at Gibbs & Dandy Leicester decided to take action. She said: “When I listened to Liza’s plight, I felt that there had to be something we could do to help.

“So, I contacted a few of our suppliers and explained the situation. They were more than willing to donate whatever materials were required to help out. I then approached one of our landscapers Ultimate Landscapes, who kindly said “no problem, we’ll install whatever they need, free of charge!” Liza has been so thankful for what we have done, but like I explained, we didn’t do it for fame or to get our names in public. We did it because it was the right thing to do.”

The ‘Big Turnaround’ project was completed during the summer and included a new patio, AstroTurf, sleepers and aggregates – all generously provided by suppliers, GRS, Grono, Anglo Norden, Nationwide and Marshalls.

Ultimate Landscapes said: “After talking to a member of the Gibbs & Dandy team about Kyla & Liza’s situation, the decision to undertake the job was a no brainer for us. It’s great to see the pair so happy and thankful for the work done.”

Discussing the project, Liza said: “I’m happy to say Kyla has a wonderful garden space in which she can sit with her guinea pigs and really enjoy her life.  We are so grateful to everyone involved and it’s been a real boost in helping her recovery.”

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