Hargreaves Foundry outlines merchant sector commitment

Hargreaves Foundry outlines merchant sector commitment

Hargreaves Foundry’s Drainage Division tells PBM about its commitment to the builders’ merchant sector and discusses the potential for new business opportunities with its mechanically jointed cast iron product range — the Halifax Soil & Drain system.

With the business laying claim to a longstanding good reputation for the supply of its well-known Halifax Premier Rainwater and Soil cast iron drainage system, Hargreaves is looking to build on its service capabilities and reports that it has been busy working on increasing market opportunities. Suitable for both above and below ground, the system holds BBA and BS EN 8877 accreditation and has delivered a strong performance in independent tests.

To bring product to market, Ki Beard and Gary Zumeris have recently joined the company as technical sales managers with specific responsibility for the range. Cumulatively, they enjoy six decades of direct experience with builders’ merchants.

The value of cast iron is well established — 100% recyclable, cast iron pipes have proven to offer longevity throughout the life of the pipe system as their mechanical properties remain extremely stable and do not degrade over time. However, proof of product performance has never been under greater scrutiny, especially in the specification market where verification by independent testing houses is essential.

Fire Resistance and Safety

A non-combustible material, it has an A1 fire classification with no requirement for costly intumescent fire collars, unlike plastic based systems. In the event of fire, cast iron will not emit toxic fumes or produce flaming droplets. Halifax Soil and Drain has been independently tested by BRE and is fully compliant with BS EN 877.

Acoustic performance

Hargreaves Foundry outlines its commitment to the builders' merchant sectorThe detrimental effect of noise created by waste water running through drainage pipework is especially important for applications such as hospitals, hotels, office and apartment blocks. Unlike other materials, cast iron pipes normally have no requirement for acoustic insulation.

In July 2017, Hargreaves Foundry employed the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP) in Stuttgart to conduct acoustic tests on the Halifax Soil & Drain system. These tests were undertaken as specified in EN14366 and were also related to IBP’s own 2016 guidelines and the system performed well.

Electrical continuity

A common feature in building design, waste water pipe systems can be used as a route to earth for electrical discharge. It is obvious that any system used in this way must be made of a material with good electrical conductivity properties. While cast iron more than fits this requirement, it is important that the couplings can ‘bridge the gap’ between each fitting or pipe section and cut through the product coating to provide a good conductive surface.

Tests commissioned by Hargreaves Foundry at independent third-party laboratory, Pullmans’ Instruments UK, in accordance with section NA8 of BS EN 877:1999 + A1:2006 have shown that with a steady current of 25 Amps, both the MAX couplings and the Ductile iron couplings pass the required tests. When Halifax Soil couplings are correctly installed, they provide a resistance less than 4% of the maximum, 0.3Ω, permitted.

Together, these results prove that Halifax Soil system is suitable for use in higher structures where creating a continuous electrical discharging circuit is necessary. Indeed, Hargreaves believes that electrical continuity testing should be required for pipe installations in all commercial buildings.

Protective packaging

The full Halifax range is well packaged prior to distribution to withstand the rigours of onsite storage, both in terms of robustness and product appearance. In situ, these resilient products also resist accidental impact damage when a building is in use.

Ki Beard, technical spokesman for Hargreaves Drainage Division said: “Halifax Soil and Drain is a fit and forget system that will meet the needs of modern building projects. Being cast iron it is non-combustible, with better fire resistance properties than other materials and the superior choice for high rise developments. It is quiet and therefore suitable for hospitals, hotels and office blocks. It also performs excellently in terms of thermal expansion and is of course strong, sustainable, durable and reliable.”

Hargreaves maintains a substantial stockholding of the Halifax Soil and Drain system at its 3,000 sq. m. Warehouse in Halifax. Its technical team based at the facility has exceptional advisory knowledge and can provide dimensional data via 2D and 3D CAD models. A call back service within 24 hours is available as required.

For more information on Hargreaves Foundry Drainage’s range of products and services visit www.hargreavesfoundry.co.uk


Hargreaves Foundry outlines its commitment to the builders' merchant sector.
Ki Beard (left) and Gary Zumeris have joined Hargreaves Foundry Drainage as specification managers, covering London, South and the South West.

Hargreaves has been in the foundry business since 1881 and is best known as a manufacturer of cast iron drainage products, also enjoying a compelling reputation in the building conservation sector. In addition, the quality of its arts casting — for internationally acclaimed artists including Anthony Gormley — is said to set the standards for the company’s commercial product lines such as the Halifax Soil & Drainage range for above and below ground.

Based in Halifax, Hargreaves Foundry Drainage is the cast iron rainwater, soil and drainage business within the Hargreaves Foundry group of companies. Its UK production operation offers bespoke pattern making, casting and fabrication on one site.



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