JT Dove urges businesses to fundraise

JT Dove urges businesses to fundraise

JT Dove has advised businesses to commit to charitable fundraising after winning the 2018 CHUF Champions Challenge, an initiative launched by Children’s Heart Unit Fund last spring.

The winners of the 2018 CHUF Champions Challenge raised over £34,000 throughout the year. Funds raised contributed towards large and small pieces of life-saving equipment, facilities, aftercare, salaries and research for the Children’s Heart Unit in the Freeman Hospital and six district hospitals in the Northern region.

Steve Robinson, Managing Director at JT Dove Ltd, said: “Charitable fundraising activities may take a low priority within many businesses and corporate bodies, as they can be seen as an extra burden and non-productive. However, managed pro-actively they can deliver totally the opposite to all businesses.”

In 2018, the team at JT Dove took on the CHUF Champions Challenge to raise funds that would help children with cardiovascular issues within the geographical location of the business. The team has committed to continuing fundraising for CHUF in 2019, and advise other businesses in the region to take on the challenge and give their company a competitive edge.

Steve added: “Raising charitable funds within your business will help bond your teams together, giving them a common goal that can be fun in and out of work. At JT Dove Ltd, this helped our team’s motivational focus which was then applied to other work related activities.

“Having a charity as a focus for the year also enhances the relationships with your customers, as you are giving them chance to get involved within your ‘feel good’ factor. We involved our customers and included them in activities for the 2018 CHUF Champions Challenge, which made them feel part of our team and part of our family.

“The CHUF Champions Challenge is more than just being corporately responsible; as a manager involving your team within charitable fund raising will get you closer to your team and it will give those colleagues who are otherwise quiet and withdrawn a chance to shine when they otherwise wouldn’t. It will give you chance to view those colleagues who may be the ‘movers and shakers’ for future promotion within your business and it will help promote those colleagues who share the same vision as the company.”

The seven teams that took part in the 2018 CHUF Champions Challenge were celebrated at an awards evening held at The Biscuit Factory in January 2019. The challenge saw teams go head to head to raise much-needed funds for CHUF, with the grand total of £85,000 being raised.

Are you a North East business that would like to compete in the 2019 CHUF Champions Challenge? Contact info@CHUF.org.uk to find out more.

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