Kelkay chooses Toyota forklifts

Kelkay chooses Toyota forklifts

Having recently expanded its operation to meet increased sales demand, Kelkay has been looking for a materials handling provider who would help it improve durability and efficiency to meet its heightened workload. Having used Toyota products previously as part of a mixed fleet, Kelkay chose a selection of Tonero diesel counterbalance forklift trucks to help deliver the quick and efficient standards which its customers expect.

Due to the nature of the loads it transports and stores, Kelkay’s trucks can be subject to working in dusty environments for long periods of the day. Toyota helped to deliver a bespoke solution for Kelkay by providing 3 tonne diesel powered forklift trucks with upswept exhausts, pre-cleaners and front and rear screens to help prevent any damage. These trucks are also fitted with hydraulic accumulators to prevent potential damage to the load or trucks when they are picking orders or loading and unloading stock on uneven surfaces.

As part of its fleet, Kelkay also chose Tonero diesel powered forklifts with 4.5 tonne lift capacities. These trucks are fitted with double pallet handling attachments to further improve their efficiency and capacity to transfer stock around their storage facility.

All of the trucks Toyota provided include the I­_Site truck management system and built in pre-operational checks which allow Kelkay to monitor its truck performance and utilisation along with ensuring that all of its trucks are in a suitable condition to meet the demands of their day to day operation. With the addition of a service agreement in place on all trucks in their fleet, the company can rest assured that a preventative maintenance package will provide maximum uptime.

Barrie King, Logistics Manager at Kelkay, said: “After using Toyota trucks before we were really impressed by their reliability and durability to work for sustained periods in all types of conditions. Our operators have always found Toyota trucks easy to operate and because of this they were more productive throughout their shifts. As we are now meeting increased order demand, we need to have a solution in place which maximises productivity and reduces the risk of truck downtime.”

Barrie adds: “We pride ourselves in meeting our customer demands in a timely manner and to do that we need to monitor our operational efficiency. By having the I_Site truck management system installed on all of our trucks, this allows us to monitor our truck and operator performance to make sure that we are being as productive as possible at all times. The addition of pre-operational checks also gives us the peace of mind that all of our trucks are in a useable condition and if not, thanks to our service agreement with Toyota we are confident that our trucks will be back up and running promptly.”

David Wilson, Territory Sales Representative for Hull and Goole, explained: “After visiting the Kelkay site and finding out about their operation first hand, it became evident to me that they required a business solution which not only increased their productivity but limited their risk of experiencing any truck downtime. By providing them with a complete solution for their business we are confident that they will improve their operational efficiency to meet their increased demand.”

Barrie concluded: “We will be further expanding our fleet in 2017 to help meet demand from our customers and by using Toyota as a single supplier for our materials handling equipment and servicing, it assures us that we can go to David or any member of the Toyota team with any problem we may have in the confidence that they will work to resolve it as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

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