Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity comments on COVID-19

Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity comments on COVID-19

Bill Hill, CEO of the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity, has made the following statement in light of the recent Coronavirus pandemic.

Given the turbulence of Brexit and the outbreak of the Coronavirus Pandemic, everyone is being tested to the limit and I wanted to send a personal message to all our supporters at this difficult time.

The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity is 100% dedicated to the welfare and wellbeing of our construction workforce and their families. Many of the people we help are self-employed and their families are already struggling to make ends meet due to illness or self-isolation. In the current pandemic crisis, it is vital that our 24/7 Construction Industry Helpline is communicated to all our workforce, so we can give as much help as possible to those that need it most, so please circulate this as widely as possible.

Of course, this extra volume puts considerable strain on our financial resources and if we are to continue with our vital services and deliver them free, we need a predictable income stream.

Our charity relies on event income and unfortunately the pandemic is forcing us to cancel vital fundraising events. This in turn will clearly affect our ability to provide critical support to our construction workers in crisis.

Now, more than ever, we urgently need your support and we are asking for companies to step forward and pledge an annual donation so we can manage through these extraordinary times and plan ahead.

To make an annual donation and become a Company Supporter please click here.

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