‘Making bathrooms beautiful’ – HiB reveals new brand identity

‘Making bathrooms beautiful’ – HiB reveals new brand identity

Having recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, HiB states that it is preparing for a new era of “even greater success” with the reveal of a new brand identity and strap line – Making bathrooms beautiful.

The major rebrand follows an intensive research and development process for the bathroom company, which supplies a range of mirrors, cabinets, lighting and ventilation products, under the remit of transforming the brand in line with the future vision of the business. To begin with, HiB not only recruited a specialist brand agency but talked to customers and staff via one-to-ones and mystery shoppers to find out exactly what the business meant to them.

Managing Director Robert Ginsberg said: “Since its inception, the business has grown at unprecedented rate – evolving to not only become one of the biggest names in the bathroom industry but one which is synonymous for pushing boundaries in bathroom innovation. However, we wanted to do even better and therefore as we approached our 25th anniversary, we thought it was an opportune time to assess where we were and look to the future.

“From speaking to brand specialists, customers and staff, the feedback was very positive; HiB products were highly regarded, the service was seen as great, people valued our innovation but we needed to evolve the communication of these values through branding.”

The next objective was to determine a new brand and strapline which more adequately communicated the ethos and the goals of the company to the trade, merchants and retailers. While the new brand identity was outsourced, the new strapline – Making bathrooms beautiful – was actually arrived at by a company employee.

Marketing Director Steve Kaye commented: “We asked everyone for suggestions for our new strapline – our PR agency, branding agency, all HiB staff – the process was long but in the end the winning suggestion came from within. For us, ‘making bathrooms beautiful’ is everything that we’re about; making mirrors, lighting, cabinets and ventilation more than just an afterthought but as the all-important show piece of the bathroom.”

The rebrand will be included in all packaging, brochures and promotional material, as well on the HiB transport fleet, new uniforms, signage and all other company collateral. In addition, the firm’s popular bathroom furniture brand, Novum will now be known as HiB Novum.

For more information, visit the company’s new look website, www.hib.co.uk

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