Protexion campaign launched to raise understanding of insulation

Protexion campaign launched to raise understanding of insulation

A recent survey has found that more than 54% of tradesmen believe that the only use of insulation is to prevent heat loss. In response to the survey, natural insulation manufacturer Steico UK and distributor Ecomerchant, have come together to launch a new campaign called Protexion. The campaign aims to educate all aspects of the construction industry that insulation products do far more than just ‘keep the heat in’.

To design a well-insulated building, informed decisions need to be made throughout all phases of a construction project to ensure a building performs at its best.

Adrian Judd, Operations Director at Steico UK, says: “Current data, including this survey, tells us that there is a knowledge gap when it comes to people’s understanding of natural insulation.

“Steico UK saw the opportunity of joining forces with Ecomerchant to get the whole construction trade better understanding the long-term effects of insulation. We’ve joined forces to form the Protexion campaign which explains the important role insulation plays when designing a building and the knock-on impact it has on a person’s health and well-being.”

The Protexion campaign will set out to equip tradesmen, architects and self-builders with the right knowledge to compare insulation materials on a like-for-like basis – something both Steico and Ecomerchant feel is not happening in the industry.

Will Kirkman, Managing Director at Ecomerchant, explains: “The survey was initially launched because we were seeing a trend throughout the industry of common misconceptions when it came to the uses of insulation. Only 50% of people surveyed had a choice of insulation materials when they were renovating or constructing a building and either they were happy to keep using the same insulation product they have always used or were simply not aware of alternatives.”

The survey also showed that 100% of respondents considered sustainability to be one of the most important criteria when selecting a product. In terms of manufacturing and disposability, using natural materials such as wood fibre insulation are much better for the environment than materials produced from energy-intensive industries such as concrete and steel, asserts the campaign.

Will continues: “This campaign provides a fantastic platform to address old-fashioned building practices and encourage thinking around natural insulation. It aims to progress the use of modern techniques and natural materials, so we build well-insulated buildings which, are fit for purpose and will improve their occupants’ comfort and well-being.”

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