Rainy Day Trust launches new ‘Let’s Save Energy’ campaign

Rainy Day Trust launches new ‘Let’s Save Energy’ campaign

In the face of rising utility bills, and with the colder months approaching, the Rainy Day Trust has created a new assistance package to support those in need across the industry – and is calling on all those in the DIY, home, garden and builders’ merchant sectors to encourage colleagues to get in touch if they need help this winter.

The new campaign will complement the industry charity’s annual winter fuel aid programme but will take a proactive approach and focus on providing help and advice on ways to reduce energy usage, with the aim of preventing people from getting bogged down with bills they can’t pay.

Rainy Day Trust CEO Bryan Clover explained:

“For the past few weeks, the news has been full of articles about spiralling gas prices and the impact that they will have on the domestic gas market. The price increases to consumers won’t be limited to gas, as a great deal of our electricity is generated by gas-fired power stations.

“While our regular financial support to people that are struggling will remain in place – and we can award grants to help with utility bills – that is really only a sticking plaster on an open wound, as the same problem will reappear again and again, while this situation persists.

“What people need is a longer-term solution that helps them to reduce energy usage, and therefore keep energy bills lower permanently. The additional benefit of course, is that by using less energy, you also reduce your carbon footprint, which helps us to hit our own ESG commitment. So, we have developed an assistance package designed to do just that.”

The Trust will help candidates reduce their energy bills in a number of ways, including:

Offering useful tips and hints on how to be more energy efficient

Supplying a box of new LED lightbulbs, which will reduce energy use by about 40% against a low-energy bulb and over 80% compared to a halogen bulb, saving up to £3 per bulb per year.

Supplying a pack of radiator reflectors to be placed behind radiators and reflect heat back into the room; thus reducing heating costs, as the room maintains its temperature more easily.

Supply new ECO shower heads, which reduce water flow and the energy required to heat water.

Where appropriate, supply a SMART Thermostat, to give householders the ability to accurately control their heating especially while out of the house.

Where new appliances are needed, provide the most efficient energy-rated product possible within budgetary limitations.

The Rainy Day Trust’s usual eligibility criteria will apply to this support package and the charity asks that you “please encourage staff to get in touch if this would help them.” The Trust has also made a poster detailing the new package, available for companies to display and raise awareness amongst colleagues in the workplace. This can be emailed over upon request.

Equally, the charity is also seeking corporate partners to be involved in the supply of the various products mentioned above, and others that may be requested. If you are able to help the Trust with the supply of these products, please email bryan@raindaytrust.org.uk

About the Rainy Day Trust

The RDT says it is “here to help anyone that is working, or has worked, in the home improvement industry – from the builders’ merchant and DIY sector, to housewares and garden. We support manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and retailers, as well as the tradesmen who use the products that everyone else makes and sells”.

To contact the charity for support, call 0800 9154627 or get in contact via the RDT website

For potential fundraising partnerships, contact Bryan Clover directly via bryan@rainydaytrust.org.uk or call 07939 541289.

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