Rockwool boosts merchant range

Rockwool boosts merchant range

As the market for new-build timber frame housing continues to grow, it provides merchants with new business opportunities. Rockwool is supporting merchants with this growth area and has expanded its Trade Insulation range to include solutions specifically for Timber Frame buildings.

The Thermal Timber Frame Slab is a specially engineered density product designed to provide faster installation sized to minimise on-site waste. Available in 90mm and 140mm thicknesses and a 570mm width, it fits standard 600mm centre frames leaving no gaps – allowing for maximum performance while reducing both installation time and product waste.

The Thermal Timber Frame Slab features a low thermal conductivity of 0.034 W/mK and maintains a low product weight to ease the installation process, achieved using a new high-speed spinning process in its manufacture. With its dense, non-directional fibre structure, it provides excellent sound insulation performance. It traps sound waves and dampens vibration, reducing external noise as well as an acoustic intrusion from between rooms within the same property as well as from outside.

To complement this, the company is also launching a 50mm x 400mm x 1200mm Sound Slab product. Designed for timber frame partition walls built at 400mm centres, the new Sound Slab insulation provides high levels of both sound and fire protection.

These two new products ensure that Rockwool can offer merchants a complete non-combustible stone wool insulation range to their customers and, in turn, ensure that they can address the majority of domestic applications using high-quality insulation.

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