Stock optimisation with Ronseal Trade

Stock optimisation with Ronseal Trade

On the release of the latest additions to the company’s range, Ronseal Trade’s Jimmy Englezos discusses the rationale behind the establishment of the trade brand and how its overarching strategy is focused on optimising a merchant’s profits.

With limited shelf space in-store, it is important for merchants to make sure that it works hard for them — and this means stocking core products that tradespeople regularly purchase. This was the ethos behind the introduction of the Ronseal Trade range, which focuses on products with a high stock turn, in order to optimise merchants’ sales.

In addition, the trade products were developed to offer merchants a less price sensitive range, in light of the heavy discounting that can happen across retail brands, with an emphasis on providing high quality products that the trade is willing to pay more for.

Merchants are well aware of the importance of efficient stock turnover, as a significant amount of money is tied up in their inventory. There is also the risk that slow moving stock will eventually become obsolete, or even deteriorate, with any potential of a return disappearing for good.

Ronseal Trade’s product mix is therefore determined through intelligent category management, with sales and trends data monitored, with a view that the range will continually evolve to reflect demand. This ensures merchants only stock the most popular products — and tradespeople can always find what they are looking for.

Offering product formulations that the trade can truly trust is also key. Ronseal Trade prides itself on being a pioneer in water-based technology and NPD is primarily focused on delivering quicker drying times and longer lasting finishes — with product claims backed up by independent testing and certification from the BBA (British Board of Agrément).

The latest additions to the range very much stay true to brand strategy, with the launch of Ronseal Trade 10 Year Woodstain in Ebony driven by category sales data and customer demand.

A water-based formula, Ronseal Trade 10 Year Woodstain is BBA Approved and suitable for all exterior planed wood. It is quick drying and can be re-coated in just four hours, meaning users can get the job done in just one day. The formulation means that it can dry more readily after exposure to wet conditions and that it is rainproof in just one hour. In addition, unlike many alternative solvent-based products, it does not crack and peel under increased temperatures, and instead flexes as wood expands.

With the introduction of Ebony to the range, customers now have the choice of six colours in its satin finish — Dark Oak, Deep Mahogany, Natural Oak, Teak and Walnut.

By working with Ronseal Trade, the aim is that merchants can increase sales and improve their profit margins, through optimised category management.

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