Travis Perkins and Keyline return to the BMF

Travis Perkins and Keyline return to the BMF

The Builders Merchants Federation (BMF) has confirmed that Travis Perkins and Keyline have rejoined the merchant sector’s trade association. Both became members on 1st September 2015, boosting the BMF’s growing membership to 500 companies.

The two companies employ over 8,500 people between them and, together with the Rudridge business, trade from over 740 branches nationwide. All three are included in the new membership arrangement, although Rudridge, which was acquired by Keyline earlier this year, was previously a BMF member in its own right.

BMF Chairman, Peter Hindle MBE, said: “The return of two of the industry’s largest players after a long absence is a significant milestone for the Federation. It makes the BMF a complete representation of the merchant industry, with 39 of the top 40 companies – including every one of the top 20 companies by turnover – now in membership.”

BMF MD, John Newcomb said: “We are incredibly pleased to welcome Travis Perkins and Keyline back to the BMF. It demonstrates the Federation’s relevance to the full range of companies within our industry, and will clearly add power to our campaigning voice.”

Andrew Harrison, Divisional Chief Operating Officer, General Merchanting, Travis Perkins plc, said: “It is 12 years since Travis Perkins and Keyline were last involved with the BMF and much has changed in both businesses during that time. We recognise the value of the work that John and his team are undertaking and it is an appropriate time for the businesses to rejoin the fold and play our part.

“We will certainly be a proactive member of the BMF. Travis Perkins is an organisation known for wanting to make a difference to the industry and create solid foundations for future generations to build on. There are a number of key areas where we look to add value in our business, which could also add value to the BMF. These include our safety initiatives, our environmental commitments, and training and developing our people.”

John Newcomb added: “We couldn’t be more happy that Travis Perkins and Keyline want to be active members. They have already confirmed that they will support our latest youth recruitment initiative and intend to be a key part of our 2017 All Industry Conference. We look forward to working with them on these and other projects.”


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