TTF launches training portfolio

TTF launches training portfolio

The Timber Trade Federation (TTF) has announced it will be rolling out accessible, affordable training across a range of timber-related job roles.

The training will start with three cohorts of delegates on its timber sales management courses, beginning on 24 April.

Timber Trade Federation Managing Director, David Hopkins, said: “The key to embedding regular training as part of business culture across the timber supply chain is to offer programmes that deliver a definable return on investment for the employer, yet to not set that investment-level so high that it deters companies from making the commitment to staff training in the first place.

“Our first Foundations of Sales Management course starting this month was sold out almost immediately and only the odd place remains available on the second and third groups starting on 28 May and 25 June respectively. We are pleased to see the swift take-up amongst companies wishing to give themselves the competitive advantage that staff training costing just £1,500 for a year’s tuition will bring to their business.”

The TTF is also launching its next phase of free Responsible Purchasing Policy (RPP) update training in mid-May. This will bring TTF members’ purchasing staff up to speed with the latest developments in the RPP and the TTF Code of Conduct, ensuring that all members are trading in ‘Timber you can Trust’. The training will also be free to TTF members.

TTF members have already benefitted from free Brexit readiness training and free training on meeting the needs of architects, specifiers and designers.

David concluded: “The next phase of our affordable training drive is to make online information and training modules available through partner trade federations further along the supply chain.

“We are in discussion with organisations representing the end users and ultimate purchasers of wood to increase both their timber knowledge and their understanding of essentials such as, for example, timber treatments. We are thus sharing the wealth of knowledge represented by the collective membership of the TTF.”

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