Face to Face: Everbuild  

Face to Face: Everbuild   

With 25 years of product development and manufacturing experience, Everbuild — a Sika Company is one of the UK’s leading sealant, adhesive and building chemicals brands.

Over 80% of the Everbuild product range is manufactured within its Leeds based factory which has the capability to produce over 55 million cartridges a year, along with a range of PVA’s, wood adhesives, fillers and building chemicals.

The company also reports to have 99% stock availability, allowing merchants to supply their customers on a daily basis with confidence.

PBM speaks with Darren Bunting, Everbuild’s National Sales Manager – Nationals and Buying Groups.

Q How did you get into the industry and to your current position?

I began my career in 1988 at a sealant and adhesive manufacturing company in Derbyshire. This was to be a stop gap whilst taking exams but I ended up staying for nearly 20 years while progressing through the ranks!

I eventually moved to Everbuild in 2007, becoming National Sales Manager for Sealing and Bonding in 2015, Specialist Distribution Manager in 2016 before progressing to my current role as National Sales Manager for UK groups and Nationals in 2017.

Working with both Everbuild and Sika has given me incredible experience of the different markets and the knowledge needed to progress the brand further in my current role.

Q How do you feel the industry has changed in recent years?

The whole distribution market over the years has seen many ups and downs but still finds a way of moving forward in both independent and national builders’ merchants. It remains as competitive as ever but I feel the online side has seen a big change over the years with companies becoming very proactive on the positioning of products.

Q What are the current challenges facing your company?

The biggest challenge we are facing is the uncertainty in regards to raw materials and what may happen over the next 12 months or so, but as a business we are in a strong position to cope and move forward with an ever growing customer base.

Q What are the challenges facing the merchant sector in particular?

The ecommerce and digital age has progressed dramatically in such a short period of time, which could potentially lead to big changes in how people search for and buy products; something we all need to be mindful of.

Q What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Without a doubt, my biggest challenge so far has been the silicone market changes during 2018, which saw raw material prices fluctuate causing a massive challenge for the entire industry.

Q What has been the highlight of your career to date?

I must say, I think just seeing sustainable success within the two companies I have worked is a testament to making a difference and to me that is success in its own right.

Q Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

On a personal level, I plan to continue to help what is already a very successful business become even stronger, whilst working together with like-minded people to achieve our goals.

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