Gorrila Glue point of sale solutions revealed

Gorrila Glue point of sale solutions revealed

Gorilla Glue states that it looks to build, maintain, and grow lasting relationships with its merchant customers.

As a core part of its business model, the firm believes in working with merchants by giving them added value and ongoing product education not least through its range of point of sale solutions. PBM reveals more.

Striking a visual chord with the merchant’s customer and designed to be small on floor space so they can be adapted for all sizes and layouts of a particular merchant’s store, Gorilla Glue’s point of sale and merchandising solutions are an integral part of the company’s customer support package.

The Gorilla Island

One facet of this approach to enable merchants to drive sales and to gain a competitive edge in their marketplace is the Gorilla Island. Selling a range of Gorilla Glue products, the unit is said to be ideal for smaller merchant stores — with dimensions of just 46cm width x 36cm depth, it is small on floorspace and big on sales.

The Gorilla Islands come fully stocked and ready to sell, with a built in TV that plays Gorilla TV adverts and a range of how-to videos. Once the original stock is sold, the merchant can then restock as they wish to best meet their customer’s needs.

The system has certainly proved beneficial for family business, GR RB Taylor in Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria. Co-owner Ben Taylor said: “The Gorilla Island has really helped me to drive additional sales in-store. They are a valuable sales tool when it comes to upselling to my customers, as once a customer tries a Gorilla Glue product, they know that I stock a wide range on my Gorilla Island and often return for additional purchases.

“I now have two side by side and as soon as a new Gorilla product is launched we create room on one of our Islands, as we know that as soon as the company’s marketing campaign commences on TV featuring the new product, our customers will be looking to us to stock it. Currently, we are looking forward to stocking the latest product, Gorilla Glue Clear.”

Gorilla Islands can also be bespoke and developed to meet the merchant’s specific needs. 

Gorilla One Metre Bays

Coming with a header, four shelf edge strips and four information cubes, the one metre bays are designed to combine all the key Gorilla product’s features and benefits, with detailed application instructions. The bays are adaptable so that merchants can pick and choose the products to suit their customers and they can also choose to make a feature of new product lines.

The Gorilla free standing floor display units, meanwhile, are described as a great way to launch new products in an eye-catching way. Merchants are said to have a vast range of fully stocked free standing floor display units to choose from, and — once again — when the initial stock has sold out, they can re-stock the units with whatever products they feel will sell best. 

The company comments: “At Gorilla Glue, building and maintaining strong relationships with our merchant customers is an integral part of what we do and the provision of a range of standout point of sale solutions helps us to drive these relationships with new and existing customers, which in turn helps the merchant to drive sales instore.”

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(Article originally featured in the May issue of Professional Builders Merchant)

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