PHPI Campaign News – April 2019

PHPI Campaign News – April 2019

Paul Davies takes a look at the latest campaigns in PHPI, catching the eye of over 70,000 plumbing and heating installers. 

This three-page ‘gatefold’ splash from Triton is sure to make an impact with the readers of PHPI. The company says it is so confident about the merits of its T80PRO-FIT shower that it has 100 to give away for installers to try out.

As for the model itself, its ‘fit and forget’ approach is said to save your customers valuable time thanks to a host of design benefits for an easier installation.

Conex Bänninger
>B< Press
‘Never miss an unpressed joint again’ is the message to installers from Conex Bänninger. The company’s >B< Press has been designed with a ‘leak before press’ indicator that will reveal any unpressed joints by causing a visible leak when testing the system at low pressure.

Installers can then confidently ensure that every joint has been pressed, ensuring the long-term reliability of the system.

Ready to take on anything
‘From attic en-suites to tight-fit utility rooms, you’ll always find a way with Saniflo’. And here we see just how, with a line-up of the company’s extensive product portfolio ready for action.

The company says its range is enhanced by “clever innovations” (such as easy access panels and vibration-reducing suspension) to ensure that your customers can get the job done, no matter what.

Win a van…
Wirquin certainly isn’t messing about here with details of its biggest promotion of the year. Installers can win themselves a van, entering the competition by purchasing Wirquin products at participating stores.

The competition is sure to drive footfall into merchant stores and, as you’d expect, there’s a host of supporting marketing materials and merchandising to promote the campaign in-store.

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