Merchant support from Optimaxx

Merchant support from Optimaxx

PBM looks at the reasons behind the rapidly–growing of ‘Extreme Performance’ wood screw brand, Optimaxx.

Founded as recently
 as 2014 and
 acquired by leading
 construction tool supplier ROYD
 Tool Group in 2018, the Optimaxx 
brand is said to be quickly building up its reputation as a ‘sought after’ brand in the premium wood screw market.

A sustained high-activity marketing push throughout 2019 was reinforced by a Top Product Award from PBM’s sister publication Professional Builder magazine, as chosen by its legion of trade readers who commended the product as one that “consistently exceeds expectation”.

Such is the brand’s belief in its product, it is urging end users and merchant distributors to take up its offer of a free sample pack to ‘try before you buy’ with Optimaxx confident that users will find “unique features that provide genuine application benefits in every element of the screw”.

The brand says that the wood screws have been developed through genuine product testing and scrutiny by joiners, kitchen fitters and other tradesmen across the UK, and claims that “whilst there are many screw brands in the market offering high-performance features, Optimaxx improves on them and offers the ‘full suite’ of features unlike any other”.

Based on a successful 2019, the screw brand is anticipating substantial growth in its merchant network through 2020 and states that the beginning of the year has already seen new stockists introducing the range “every day, with many ‘national’ branches rolling out the product in-store too”.

Strong distributor support is said to be a facet of the ROYD Tool Group, and Optimaxx is promising the same level of backing that merchant customers of ROYD’s SMART multi-tool blades and accessories and, more recently, ACER professional construction markers have experienced since their founding in 2010.

One example of this is through the attractive yet functional packaging of its products, with high-impact branding and POS intended to provide a real advantage for stockists.

Marketing Manager Robert Mallory added: “Since its acquisition in 2018, we’ve invested heavily in developing the Optimaxx brand and particularly focusing on gaining end user ‘buy-in’ to the products. Building on our highly successful end user marketing in 2019, we’ll be doubling down on our efforts with some of the best digital and social marketing in the industry, backed by partnerships with the largest digital and traditional publishers in the industry. Our stockists can rest assured we’ll be actively and effectively driving demand.”

“Optimaxx is looking to rapidly build its merchant network to meet demand and has made new ‘Introductory Packages’ available to make stocking the range as simple and successful as possible.”

With this in mind, Optimaxx is looking to rapidly build its merchant network to meet demand and has made new ‘Introductory Packages’ available to make stocking the range as simple and successful as possible. Two new low-commitment Optimaxx introductory profiles and packages are now available and include high-impact POS and FOC sample packs, with options for additional support and social media collaboration.

For more information on becoming a stockist of the Optimaxx wood screw brand, go to

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