Tools, Fixings & Adhesives Products – November 2020

Tools, Fixings & Adhesives Products – November 2020


Square Drill investment

New investment and expertise is looking set to take Quadsaw — billed as the world’s first drill for square holes — to the next level. Following the latest ‘Angel’ funding round, Jim Hodkinson, the former CEO of B&Q, has become a major investor and the first Chairman of the London-based start-up behind the tool’s development, Genius IP.

Manufactured in the UK, Quadsaw is a ‘seamless’ attachment to a power drill that uses patented technology to convert rotary motion into linear motion in four planes at once, enabling users to cut square holes with minimal dust and absolute precision.
Almost all construction projects require square holes for electrical sockets and other boxes but electricians currently create them with pencils, rulers and other tools that are not specifically designed for the task, which can be time consuming and inaccurate. Quadsaw — which is currently predominantly sold through a number of leading electrical wholesalers — is designed to solve this problem by enabling square holes to be cut in seconds rather than minutes, saving the construction industry millions of hours of labour annually.
Ean Brown, CEO of Genius IP, said: “While 2020 started with sales momentum, when COVID-19 hit, the company was hurt much like most businesses in the world. But we used the time to recruit new engineers (and) invest in infrastructure for growth, including a design update of the Quadsaw and a bigger production facility.”

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Owlett Jaton

Vortex Exterior Screws

Extending the brand’s power screw portfolio, the new high-performance Vortex exterior screw is said to be an excellent choice for external applications in softwood and hardwood such as decking, roofing, and fencing. The screws feature a Magsho Silver Organic coating, which can withstand a 1000-hour salt spray test and helps reduce corrosion, as well as being ACQ (Alkaline copper quarternary) timber resistant.

The recessed double countersunk head reduces the chance of the head shearing, ensuring product reliability, and has sharp milling ribs which enable self-countersinking, helping reduce time and increase efficiency. The screws are available in 4 and 5mm diameters, and lengths 30-100mm with most sizes fully CE compliant to BS EN 14592:2008+A1:2012.

The screws come packaged in an attractive retail-ready tub which is robust, water-resistant, drop-proof, and ideally sized. Each tub also comes complete with a 50mm impact driver bit in a bag.

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HiKOKI Power Tools UK

Skull Catacomb range

Featuring an eye catching ‘skull’ design, HiKOKI has launched a collectible range of Limited Edition ‘Catacomb’ tools. The SKULL range includes the DV18DBXL 18V Brushless Combi Drill, the WH18DBDL2 18V brushless Impact Driver and the WR18DBDL2 18V Impact Wrench.

The Brushless Combi, for instance, has a high maximum torque of 136Nm and includes 6.0Ah Li-Ion batteries with a fast charger. The Impact Driver, meanwhile, features a high-power brushless motor with maximum tightening torque of 207Nm (hard) whilst the Impact Wrench has a compact design for better handling.

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Huntsman Advanced Materials

Araldite 2000 Adhesive Core Range

The Araldite 2000 Adhesive Core Range comprises nine adhesives that can simplify your product selection, reduce your SKU inventory and minimise worker training. The line-up consists of three technologies: epoxy, acrylic and polyurethane.

These include adhesive products that are resistant to impact, high temperatures, water, and chemicals, while offering a variety of colours, open times, viscosities, and appearances.

For more details, use,marine%20and%20general%20industrial%20applications.

Snickers Workwear


The patented Kneeguard and Kneeguard PRO system delivers knee protection for frequent kneeling on site. Designed specifically for the increasingly popular slim fit stretch work trousers, the newest slim fit D30 Ergo kneepads are made of durable material that moulds around the knee to provide enhanced impact protection.

The kneeguards have EN 14404 Type 2 Level 1 rating to guard against pebbles, nails and various floor debris. There’s also cushioning and protection as standard with D3O — a high-tech material that is flexible, durable and cut-resistant.

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Norton Clipper

Extended range

In a first from Norton Clipper, and what the company bills as “possibly the most significant update to the brand’s portfolio in over a decade”, the range has moved into four new application sectors — wood and composites; multi-materials; veneer and laminates, and aluminium.

Comprising Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) circular saw blades, hole saws, jigsaw blades, reciprocating saw blades and planer blades, the range is now suitable to an even wider variety of processing requirements — meaning more sales opportunities for distributors. To enable stockists to advise on the correct blade for a customer’s job, the packaging is also colour-coded to help identify which materials it can be used for.

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Hultafors Tools 

Screwdrivers Range

Hultafors Tools has launched a new range of Screwdrivers for professional tradesmen and women. With VDE Screwdrivers specially designed for electricians — including tested and certified SL/PZ and Voltage Tester models — there are over 80 other screwdrivers that can be bought individually or in sets, or by size.

The long rubber-coated handles, made from durable PPC plastic, ensure grip for precision and maximal transmission of power. The permanent marking of type and size on the top as well as the handle’s colour make it easy for the user to select the right screwdriver.

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StepCut Cable Shears

Made of forged and oil-hardened special quality tool steel, the Knipex StepCut Cable Shears ensure that it takes significantly less effort to cut cables. Wires or strands can be cut one after the other with the stepped blades, thus reducing the effort required by up to 40%, whilst the shears are said to make it easier to cut single and multi-conductor cables made of copper and aluminium up to a diameter of 15mm (50 mm²).

Solid NYM cables can be cut easily and precisely up to a maximum of 5 x 4 mm².

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