Triton discusses cleanliness in the workplace

Triton discusses cleanliness in the workplace

Whilst many people continued to work throughout lockdown, greater numbers are now returning to business premises across the country — and merchants will see an increase in enquiries regarding hygienic solutions. Martyn Brown, Technical Manager at Triton Showers, explains how merchant teams can support installers who are undertaking projects for customers wanting to ensure cleanliness in the workplace.

Businesses are continuing to make changes to their facilities to reassure people that they are keeping up-to-date with Government guidance to prevent the spread of germs, from adding new equipment to hiring professional tradespeople to help them overcome this new challenge.

This opens up a number of new sales opportunities for merchants, and knowing what range of products exist — and the benefits of each — will allow stockists to promote the most suitable selection when they receive enquiries. For example, an installer looking for a set-up for a customer requiring hot water where no provision currently exists might be concerned about having to install a bulky system to store it if lack of space is an issue.

And this is where merchants can step in and use their knowledge to outline available options, such as Triton’s Instaflow Stored water heating system. With three capacity sizes of 5, 10 or
itres, the device comes in 1.5 kW and 2 kW power ratings and also benefits from low operating pressures, only requiring 0.5 bar.

Featuring top connections, the unit can be quickly and easily fitted in under-sink locations, meaning it can be conveniently hidden from view. Sellers can explain that the installation process is straightforward thanks to the wall-mounted bracket, pressure relief valve and dielectric junctions all supplied in the box.

In addition to saving the installer time, this unit can also be promoted as energy efficient with a B energy rating. To provide added reassurance, a two-year parts and labour guarantee is included.

Tradespeople coming to a merchant will no doubt have a variety of customers, all with a different range of needs. For example, some plumbing professionals may be searching for a solution for a customer who owns a site with a limited number of taps installed and would like handwash units added to the premises.

In these scenarios, compact handwash units such as Triton’s T30i and T30iR, provide an efficient solution. The T30iR has infrared technology to make it even more hygienic, and saving companies time when it comes to wiping down surfaces. This also prevents the spread of germs, offering additional protection to those using it.

Being aware of the advantages of each individual product will allow merchants to make the most appropriate suggestions to installers searching for a particular design to cater to specific requests. This will encourage the tradesperson to return to the same place again if they have been given good advice in their search for an answer to their problem.

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