Plaster, Dry Lining & Building board products – June 2019

Plaster, Dry Lining & Building board products – June 2019

K Rend
Silicone Thin Coat (TC)
Whether your customers are looking to weatherproof a building or simply freshen up exterior walls, K Rend’s innovative range of Silicone Thin Coat renders are designed to protect and improve the appearance of any project and improve its appearance.

For more than 28 years, K Rend has offered a huge range of external silicone renders and finishes designed to protect from the elements and add “a touch of style”. As well as adding kerb appeal, K Rend Silicone Thin Coat can create a healthier residential or commercial property as, thanks to the product’s permeable surface, damp is said to be a thing of the past — the render’s breathability means that water vapour passes through the building, instead of getting trapped in the walls and creating those dreaded damp patches.

The render is also described as a great way to make a project more energy efficient. Contrary to popular belief, Silicone TC render is weatherproof, not waterproof — it allows water vapour to permeate through whilst protecting the building from the elements by allowing the water to run off. The manufacturer states that a breathable building is very important as it controls the humidity of the property, in turn limiting damp and erosion problems.

AlphaChem Plasterers Grit Coat
As plasterers are well-aware, preparation is key to ensuring that plaster will adhere to non-porous surfaces such as smooth or painted surfaces, tiles, plaster and concrete. This is done with a bonding agent, preferably one that contains added aggregate, thereby, providing a rougher texture and offering better adhesion.

This is where the AlphaChem Plasterers Grit Coat comes in. A one coat bonding agent with added fine aggregate, designed exactly for this application, it is also said to be easy to apply by roller or brush and ensures full coverage of surfaces.

SterlingOSB Zero StrongFix
Designed to be used in drylining applications, the Norbord SterlingOSB Zero StrongFix is an OSB panel which is said to be simple to fit, highly versatile and ideal for fixing cabinets, radiators, wash basins, railings and other heavy fixtures to stud walls. It is cut to size to fit within c-stud sections, has a pre-groove already cut and has zero knots meaning the strength of the board is maintained throughout.

The product uses the same fixings as normal OSB – l-shaped steel frame and c-stud self-tapping dry-wall screws. StrongFix is available in 2400 by 597mm panels and can hold up to 400kg due to the inherent strength of the board.

Safeguard Europe
Dryzone Fast-Set Plaster
For small masonry patches or the dubbing out of uneven walls, Safeguard Europe has introduced Dryzone Fast-Set Plaster, a renovation plaster that facilitates the repair of treated damp walls owing to its setting time of only two hours.

The plaster is used as part of the Dryzone System for replastering after Dryzone Damp-Proofing Cream or Dryrod Damp-Proofing Rods have been used to create a remedial damp proof course. Safeguard’s renovation plasters — of which Fast-Set is the latest — can be applied to walls while they are still damp and has a porous structure which controls salt migration, allows walls to dry out by evaporation and results in higher thermal resistance. Dryzone Fast-Set Plaster is available in 20kg bags, with a coverage rate of 1m2 per bag at 20mm thickness.

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