Garador launches Series 4GaraMatic

Garador launches Series 4GaraMatic

Garador has recently launched its Series 4GaraMatic garage door operators. There are three models available: GaraMatic 9, GaraMatic 10 and GaraMatic 20.

The Series 4 operators retain important safety and security features, such as automatically reversing when the door meets an obstruction, and locking via a mechanical latch in the boom to prevent forced entry into the garage. The operators are also said to include advances in energy efficiency, lighting and new smartphone connectivity. The Series 4 operators give an automated garage door that can be controlled via a smartphone.

The company recognises the importance of more environmentally friendly products. For this reason, the Series 4 operators have energy-efficient LED lighting for bright and even illumination of your garage. Plus, they consume less than one watt of electricity when in stand-by mode, helping to contribute to lower energy bills.

Similalry, both the GaraMatic 10 and GaraMatic 20 include an integrated Bluetooth receiver and HCP-bus connection to connect to smart home systems. The integrated Bluetooth receiver is a new feature which enables the user to control the operator using the Garador app on a smartphone. The HCP-bus connection also allows you to connect the operator to external smart home systems such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home Hub.

The new operators are supplied with two 4-button micro hand transmitters as standard, both supplied in a resilient matt-black finish that complements the operator unit. The 4-button micro hand transmitters can be programmed to control up to four garage doors. Its ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand and small form factor fits nicely in your pocket.

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