‘Supertough, Supersafe & Superversatile’ JCB Paint makes its debut

‘Supertough, Supersafe & Superversatile’ JCB Paint makes its debut

JCB Paint has announced the worldwide launch of a paint which “has been formulated to make it easy to use on almost any exterior surface and engineered to provide protection against the toughest conditions”.

Invented in the UK, it is described as having “flame retardant and environmental resistant properties” which, along with the re-usable and recyclable packaging, are said to reinforce the company’s ethos to making the world a safer place.

JCB Paint says that whereas most paint is single purpose and requires multiple coats, its new range is engineered to perform better. Its formulation means that it will cover often in a single coat, providing ‘Supertough’ protection in even the harshest climates – with no peeling, flaking or fading.

Innovative packaging – including the ‘bag-in-a-tub’ design – makes opening, painting, storing and recycling simple whilst the shape of the tubs will also make it easier for stockists to store and display.

Chris Honer, JCB Paint CEO, said: “We believe that the consumer and professional decorator has had to endure the arduous task of choosing different types of paint for their exterior requirements such as walls, sheds, stables, barns etc for too long. I am absolutely thrilled to be able to offer them a one paint solution which will cover these applications and so much more.

“We have created an innovative, high performing, strong product which demonstrates the same quality, safety and durability benefits synonymous with all JCB products.”

JCB Paint launchedThe new range has a water-based formula with high opacity and is mould-, water- and stain-resistant. It is purpose-designed to be versatile enough for use on a multitude of surfaces including wood, masonry, terracotta, ceramic, plastic and metal. To simplify choice and stock-holding requirements, the paint is available in 12 distinct shades – white, black, cream, grey, blue, red, yellow, brown, green, orange, country red and country green – which can be applied using a brush, roller or spray.

A range of merchandising and point of sale support materials are being made available to merchants. The brand has also restored a Leyland ‘Super Comet’ truck which, in full JCB Paint livery, will be making appearances around the UK to promote the new range.





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