New NBG deal heralds Quinn’s transformation to Mannok

New NBG deal heralds Quinn’s transformation to Mannok

Following the announcement in September that Quinn was to rebrand as Mannok, the name change has now been officially completed and the move has been marked with news of a new exclusive deal with the NBG.

Mannok’s rebrand journey is expected to take up to 12 months to fully complete, however the business asserts that it has “come out of the blocks strong” with a new National Buying Group exclusivity deal, a firm commitment to the wider UK merchant market and a new look for its bagged cement range.

Under its new name, the company has extended the exclusivity deal with NBG for Master Grade Cement. The deal gives NBG merchants exclusive access in the GB market to the product until the end of 2024, extending the current partnership by three years and builds on the agreement signed in 2018 when Master Grade cement was first launched under the Quinn brand.

In addition, Mannok has also signalled its intent to continue its support of key industry events, such as industry awards and conferences, despite the current uncertainty which has hit the events industry harder than most.

Lee Gillman, Mannok’s Sales Director, said: “Extending our exclusivity deal with NBG is a very clear signal of our intentions going forward under the Mannok name. We will bring with us everything we do best, which means we will continue to offer quality products and service to our customers, and demonstrate real commitment to the merchants who are key to our company’s success, through strong working partnerships with bodies such as NBG.

“We’re delighted to make this commitment with NBG, who have played a key part in the increased sales of cement we have experienced since launching our extended cement range in 2018. It’s been a fruitful partnership for all involved, and one which we’re very happy to continue for a further three years.”

Mannok has also revealed its new look cement range, which carries the bold brand colours with the distinctive Mannok ‘M’ ensuring they will be easily recognisable to merchant customers. Master Grade Cement, for example, will be packaged in the Mannok teal (the primary brand colour) replacing the familiar blue bag whilst Premium Grade Cement will be packaged in the vibrant Mannok green.

Lee added: “The new look cement bags will be in production early in 2021, along with newly branded insulation and new packaging wrap for our ranges of roof tiles and aircrete blocks, so merchants will see all product packaging change from Quinn to Mannok in the New Year.”

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