VIDEO: Digby Stone launches merchant support videos

VIDEO: Digby Stone launches merchant support videos

Digby Stone has launched two brand new videos which demonstrate one of the best benefits of its porcelain tiles – their excellent stain resistance.

The pair of videos are said to provide a useful sales tool for merchants to show how Digby Stone porcelain tiles are ideal for a low maintenance garden and are easily cleaned. Each video is targeted at a different type of customer – a homeowner video and a landscaper video – which will help merchants tailor their sales pitch using this resource.

The homeowner video demonstrates removing stains such as red wine, coffee and barbecue food.

Meanwhile, the landscaper video covers such stains as slurry primer and jointing compound.

These resources form part of a larger series which Digby Stone has launched during the summer, which can be found on their website as well as their YouTube channel.

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