Quinn’s product and service development

Quinn’s product and service development

Quinn Building Products says its name has become synonymous with diversity and innovation in recent years, with its broad portfolio of complimentary building products and an “appetite for progression” which has seen its product and service offerings continually develop to meet the ever-changing market needs. 

Taking place between 8-10 October at Birmingham’s NEC, Quinn says this year’s UK Construction Week is set to see the company live up to this reputation as it launches a new digital offering for its NBG merchant customers — the Genius App. The App has been designed to simplify the delivery management process for Quinn customers and to maximise the value the company’s merchants get from their bespoke mixed loads deliveries.

As well as giving merchants a simple digital solution for their delivery management, the App will provide customers access to a full library of technical and product resources to ensure they have the knowledge to advise their customers at their fingertips.

Quinn worked closely with NBG and its merchant partners in the development of the Genius App, which will initially be available to them exclusively. Lee Gillman, GB Sales and Marketing Director, outlined the company’s priority in the App development by saying: “The key thing for us is that the App has been built specifically to address the needs of merchants, who have been heavily involved throughout the design and development process.

“Their input at every stage was crucial to refining and adapting every detail to ensure the end product is a functional and practical solution which delivers value by addressing the ‘pain points’ experienced by merchants.

Smarter Delivery Solutions

The project to develop the new Genius App was an extension of a much larger project to develop the company’s mixed loads deliveries into a fully digitised solution. This has seen a six-figure investment and a development project spanning almost three years for Quinn, with the resulting Delivery Hub system a bespoke software solution which has streamlined the complex logistical management of mixed loads through the innovative use of technology.

The new Hub ensures even greater efficiencies are achieved and will allow the company to further refine its delivery logistics through data analytics and machine learning. Business Development Manager, Paul Melanophy, said: “This new system ensures a more simplified solution for everyone involved, from our own personnel to our contracted hauliers and — most importantly — our merchant customers.

“Removing paper and siloed data gives us the ability to analyse the data on our deliveries and mixed loads to give greater insight to drive ongoing efficiencies and improvement. The fact that we are informed in real-time now about all product movement translates into a better overall experience for our customers.”

Diverse offering

Quinn’s mixed loads are only possible thanks to the array of building materials the company produces. Constantly evolving, in recent years Quinn has added multiple new products to its portfolio, from Quinn Therm Isoshield high performance full fill insulation, to an extended range of bagged cement products. The firm has invested in purpose-built cement terminals to supply bulk cement to the UK market and also expanded its precast concrete range to service the growing off-site manufacturing market.

Product development, however, is just one area of focus as services continue to develop in the same progressive manner. This includes the company’s technical services, tools and technologies, such as BIM, or the full-service design to installation package in Quinn Precast, or the development of its logistics offering with the systemisation of mixed loads delivery solutions, right through to the new Genius App.

Whilst an evolving portfolio of products and an expanded service offering have helped establish the Quinn reputation for progressive thinking, perhaps less well-known is a significant investment in the area of sustainability. The focus for Quinn is two-fold — ensuring it minimises its impact on the environment and makes a significant contribution to environmental sustainability is coupled with a vision of a long-term future for the business and the people and communities they impact.

The culture of sustainability manifests itself across the Quinn business, from the suppliers and raw materials it uses, its manufacturing processes and the finished products, to the investment in education and people development, community support and the preservation of heritage and biodiversity in its surroundings.

Award-winning educational partnerships and people development programmes have been established whilst the firm is engaged in large scale sustainability projects to protect and enhance the area around its facilities. In addition, the business is investing in bespoke research to develop innovative ways to further reduce waste and proactively promote the smaller contributions to protect the environment in its daily work.

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