Repair, maintenance and improvement products – February 2020

Repair, maintenance and improvement products – February 2020

Easy Innovations

Easy Air Wedge

The multi-purpose Easy Air Wedge is an inflatable wedge that has been designed to make the ‘fiddly job of fixing and levelling’ easy. It holds windows, doors, appliances and equipment in place for easier installation and fixing.

The supplier says that unlike other air wedges, the built-in, patented CorePlate Technology ensures that the wedge remains rigid and does not buckle when it is pushed into small gaps.



Drainage Channels

Designed to deal with pedestrian, cyclist and light vehicle traffic on driveways, patios and paths, the Polypipe MCD1000 domestic drainage channels are described as being quick and easy to install.The system directs rainwater away from the home, and away from building foundations, and can be installed with any type of surface including block paving, flagstones, tarmac and concrete.

The channels can be cut to length and clipped together for ease of installation on site whilst the four-way junction box offers a variety of configurations.

Hodgson Sealants

Silfix U7

The newly-promoted U8 and established U9 sealants now have an additional new partner in the Hodgson Sealants range in the shape of the Silfix U7. This sanitary, high modulus, acetoxy cure silicone sealant and adhesive is anti-fungal, which means that it is suitable for sealing around baths, shower trays, basins, and for other bathroom and kitchen applications.

The product is available in a 310ml cartridge in white and translucent options.

Hilton Banks

Wood Filler

Hilton Banks describes its reformulated HB42 Ultimate Wood Filleras an ultra-smooth two-part, styrene-free wood filler that provides a tough, long-lasting repair on all woods inside and out.With an easy mix application, the filler sets hard to a strong finish in 30 minutes for a weatherproof repair whilst its new formula is said to remove the risk of harmful effects styrene can cause without losing any of the powerful and smooth finish the trade needs to get the job done.

Once dry, the filler can be drilled, carved, sanded or planed. It is paintable, stainable and suitable for repairing wood damaged by wet rot on furniture, windowsills, frames, doors, banisters and more.

Crown Trade

Eggshell Paint

Aimed at those looking for a trim product that combines the traditional finish of an eggshell with the modern benefits of water-based technology paint, Crown Trade has developed the Fastflow Quick Dry Eggshell paint.

The paint can be used for both exterior and interior wood and metalwork, whilst the water-based eggshell option’s low odour formulation alongside its quick drying properties can also help reduce time and labour on site.


Filling System

Toupret’s Joint, Skim & Fill system of products endeavours to offer both clarity and quality in the plasterboard jointing and skim-filling market. “Better results in less time” is the touchstone for the range, which is designed with trades in mind and finish to the forefront.

The Quick Dry products in the range are said to be ready for overpainting in just three hours. For normal applications they require just one coat, remove the need for spot-priming and are suitable for surface finishing, filling or plasterboard jointing.

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